Disability and Access

Arden is proud to welcome every disabled pupil who has been offered a place at our Academy via the Solihull Education Authority admissions board.

The school works hard to ensure that every disabled young person joining the school has the same great opportunities and positive experiences as every other member of the student body, subject of course to any health and safety considerations.

Upon entry to the school, it is normally standard procedure for the parents of a disabled young person to meet with appropriate members of pastoral staff and the Senior Director of Learning Support. This consultation is aimed at assessing the correct provisions required for that pupil's education.

The school is constantly upgrading its facilities. All recent building work has been carried out with the requirement for full disabled access. The school is committed to improving disabled access in the future.

The following steps have been undertaken:

  • Route signs to disabled facilities around the building
  • Ramps have been fitted to a number of Arden classrooms that were previously only accessible using stairs
  • A lift has been fitted into one of our buildings

Full details of Arden's Disability and Access policies can be found in the Arden Accessibility Plan. All other information can be found in the Equality Policy and School Equality Scheme. Both of these documents are available from the Academy upon request.