Key Stage 5 ICT

This Key Stage is delivered across two years – AS (Year 12) and A2 (Year 13).

This is an optional subject.


Contact Time

Pupils will have nine lessons over each fortnight.


Exam Information

Students will study the WJEC GCE Information and Communication Technology course.


IT1: Information Systems – 2 hours 15 minutes, written paper (60% of AS grade, 30% of A2 grade)

This section is about acquiring knowledge and understanding of information systems, which is assessed by means of a two and a quarter hours’ written examination. However, candidates will also draw upon this knowledge during their practical work in Unit IT2. It also acts as a foundation for Unit IT4, Use and Impact of ICT, for those candidates going on to A Level.


IT2: Presenting Information Task – Internal Assessment (40% of AS grade, 20% of A2 grade)

This unit requires candidates to use ICT hardware and software applications to solve a problem involving three separate tasks: the production of (i) a document such as a leaflet or magazine (ii) a document containing automated routines, such as a mail merged letter. (iii) a presentation to an audience, such as a web page or slide type show.


IT3: Use and Impact of ICT – 2 hours 30 minutes, written paper (30% of A2 grade)

This section is about the use and impact of Information and Communication Technology. It is important to note that the amplification is not exhaustive: candidates should consider other contemporary hardware and software. Teachers should be aware of the need to update examples as technology develops over time.


IT4: Relational Database Project – Internal Assessment (20% of A2 grade)

Candidates analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate a solution to a problem of their choice requiring the use of a relational database. The database project does not have to be based in an actual commercial context, but candidates should be encouraged to develop a realistic system.

This is a substantial piece of work, undertaken over an extended period of time. It is internally assessed and moderated by WJEC.