Weather closures

School closure due to inclement weather

As advised to parents via letter, a Parent Hotline is in place in the event of Arden closing due to inclement weather. This is a one number telephone service in which we will leave a message to confirm if Arden is open or closed.

Parent Hotline Number: 08447 70 75 76* and enter our School ID: 10259

*This is a low call rate - max 5p per minute from a BT landline (approx. 1p per minute more than a BT standard local call). Other service provider charges will vary, but in some cases these calls are often included in a call plan contract and are likely to be free.

We will also advise Solihull MBC regarding Arden closures and information will be posted on their website.

In the event of school closing part way through the day due to inclement weather, we will leave a message on this hotline, in addition to emailing parents using schoolcomms. If you do not currently receive schoolcomms emails and wish to, then please contact Mrs Butcher-Johns via [email protected].