Parent Forum

The Parent Forum is a group of volunteer parents that meet three times a year with the Pastoral Management Team to discuss a variety of aspects to school life. The purpose of the forum is to gather parent voices, which help to steer policy within school. The meeting provides an opportunity for parents to see the school in action and have access to a variety of staff members and pupil representatives.

This term’s meeting focused primarily on Sixth Form and “Sexting”.  A range of Sixth Form issues were discussed including how to develop our Sixth Form further.  It was brilliant to be able to have these discussions prior to this year’s Open Evening so that we can address some of the issues raised and further build on the many positive aspects of our Sixth Form.

Our Student Leadership team presented on the work that they have been doing with Solihull Council on the dangers of “Sexting”. This was a really well received piece of work that Parent Forum felt was very useful and our intention is to offer opportunity for our Student Leadership team to work on a wider scale with our parent body to support awareness of this issue and provide suggestions on how to support our children in managing their on-line communications. 

At our next meeting we will be discussing how we can further support pupils in managing their emotional well-being.  As you all know emotional and mental well-being is a huge worry nationwide amongst teenagers; we share this same concern and are looking to explore a variety of ways of further supporting our young people through the challenges of school and teenage years. If you have suggestions or offers of support or indeed you are interested in supporting us to grow our provision in ths area please let us know through [email protected].