Key Stage 3

  • Leadership – leading other pupils within certain components of the lesson ie warm-ups, main activities and cool downs.
  • Pupils who have been identified as performing above average in their chosen sport have the opportunity to join the junior athlete programme (this includes Elite Tuesdays, mentoring sessions and nutritional advice with ‘Optimal Health and Fitness’).
  • Independent learning through extension tasks.
  • Effective questioning to engage pupils in small groups/whole classes.
  • GCSE questioning in practical lessons with G&T students (especially those in Year 9) ie physiological changes.
  • Using GCSE style assessments i.e. video assessment of key skills.
  • The promotion of studying GCSE PE – encouragement to find good performance in 4 sports or more.

Key Stage 4

  • ‘Leadership Academy’ – Pupils have the opportunity to work with participate in leadership activities with younger pupils from Arden and at local primary schools to develop their skills in organisation of sport, communication and leadership.
  • GCSE pupils - six mark questions – these are longer answer questions at GCSE that involve skill in both Physical Education knowledge and also literacy as you get marked on SPAG too!
  • The promotion of studying Physical Education at A Level and Degree Level.
  • The use of the learning continua to challenge the A/A* pupils.
  • Perfect answer sessions.
  • A/A*pupils are asked to be pupil consultants to aid the learning of other pupils in the class – “If you can teach someone else, then you understand the content”

Key Stage 5

  • Independent Work – you should be taking ownership of your own learning, reading around the subject and doing extra work at home making sure you fully understand concepts
  • Further Reading - This is an important skill and one you will find helpful when you move into further education. Possible websites can be found in your student guide or some traditional texts can be borrowed from the PE office.
  • Become a Sixth Form Mentor – come along to lower school lessons and share your understanding
  • Extended Questions – the long answer questions are the hardest questions you will have to answer and you will do many in your lessons and for homework. Improve your ability to answer these by answering and self–assessing using past papers and mark schemes from the OCR website.