‘Embrace Challenge at Every Opportunity’


Key Stage 3

  • Support the personal growth of other pupils e.g. Help them develop their skills/Give advice/Praise and give confidence to others.
  • Use the online skill based sessions to constantly review and improve fundamental movements
  • Ask probing questions about the skill/concept e.g. when it’s used most effectively/How does it link to other skills in other physical activities
  • Taking part in extracurricular clubs that you have never done before to put into practice new movement skills
  • Can you bring what you have learnt from lessons into your local community and make positive changes
  • Join a club outside of school hours to further your personal and physical development


Key Stage 4

  • ‘Leadership Academy’ - Participate in leadership activities with younger pupils from Arden and at local primary schools to develop their skills in organisation of sport, communication and leadership.  Give confidence and spread the enjoyment of physical activity
  • GCSE/BTEC Sport – Can you put your learning into real world context through stories and articles in newspapers/magazines
  • Read books, watch documentaries/films and listen to podcasts to develop a love of learning through PE.
  • What’s the latest research around PE/Sport topics?
  • Challenge theory content if you feel its incorrect (but do it in a professional manner)!
  • If you know it, does the person around you know it, if not how can you help


Key Stage 5 (in addition to Key Stage 4)

  • Immerse in everything sport – Take ownership of your own learning, reading/listening/watching around the subject and understanding how this fits I with content, coupled with impact on sport/performance
  • Career pathway – How does what you do fit in with where you want to go?  What ‘extra’ could you be doing to support your journey – Start by asking your teacher
  • Become a Sixth Form Sports Mentor – Come along to lower school PE lessons and help develop other pupils love of everything physical
  • Exam literate – How could you further prepare yourself to gain top band marks for exam style questions.  Use exam booklet to hone extended question technique.  Work on structure and flow of answer.