Assessment Procedures

Key Stage 3

Teachers assess the pupils during each activity block. The pupils are informed of the level criteria used to assess them and are made aware of their individual level - this will be recorded in their planner. Pupils can use the displayed levels criteria to determine areas of improvement allowing them to progress through the levels in a particular activity. Levels start from 3 and finish at 8 with each level having sub-levels. For example; 3.9 is the top of level 3, 3.5 is in the middle with 3.1 being the lowest level 3 score. It is hoped that each pupil should make about 0.7 level of progress during each academic year. This assessment procedure is currently under review and may be subject to change.

Key Stage 4

KS4 pupils are assessed on GCSE practical scores (out of 25). An approximate guideline to the level descriptors are as follows:

  • Level 1: 21-25 (district/county players or equivalent)
  • Level 2: 16-20 (school team standard)
  • Level 3: 11-15 (most other students)
  • Level 4: 6-10 (very few students

Examination subjects

GCSE - assessment of examination subjects differs slightly in that A-F grades will be given for overall performance. Pupils are assessed in four practical activities (50%), one of these can be coaching or officiating. There will also be a coursework component (10%) and an examination (40%).

AS Level - students will take an examination (60%), undertake one oral piece of coursework (10%) and are assessed in two practical activities - one should be coaching/officiating (30%).

A2 Level - students have the same assessments as AS but with only one practical activity.