Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage Three Curriculum is delivered to years 7, 8 and 9. All modules have been designed to enthuse, engage and embed essential skills needed for progress to Key Stage 4. Across the Key Stage, time is devoted to reading texts of increasing complexity to ensure pupils become critical thinkers who can appreciate and analyse the writer’s craft. In addition, pupils in Year 7 and 8 are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader Programme and benefit from dedicated reading time in our award-winning library. This initiative allows us to motivate and monitor pupils’ independent reading and comprehension skills. In their written work, pupils are encouraged to experiment and manipulate with the written form in order to write for a variety of audiences and purposes. During the acquisition stage, pupils are encouraged to ‘Have a Try’. In this interim phase, we allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and trial the ‘Magic’ literary and rhetorical devices necessary for writing with confidence and flair. Our overall aim is to ensure pupils transition to Key Stage 4 feeling inspired and equipped with the essential skills for success. 


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview