School Locker Rentals

Please note that all enquiries regarding locker rentals must be made, in the first instance, to Secure Locker Rentals through their website:



School Locker Rentals 2022-23 – information for current and new pupils

The cost for rental for next school year will be £36 per locker for the full academic year.

At the end of each academic year the locker agreement ends and you will need to sign up for a new rental agreement.

Please see the attached document below ‘2 simple ways to rent your locker’ and the rental company’s website is

For fairness, the allocation of lockers available will be arranged as follows: 

  • New Year 7 – 250 lockers
  • Year 8 – 200 lockers
  • Year 9 – 200 lockers
  • Year 10 – 150 lockers
  • Year 11 – 150 lockers 

Lockers rentals will be available in the first instance between 30/5/22 – 24/6/22 on a first come, first served basis from the allocated number of lockers assigned per year group. Then, from 25/6/22, any lockers that have not been rented, from the allocations above, will be made available to anyone from any of the year groups.

It is vital when you log onto the website to rent a locker, that you enter the correct year group.

Please do not contact the locker company directly as they will not be able to renew your locker; rentals can only be arranged online.

2 Simple Ways to Rent Your Locker