Key Stage 5

Students studying the subject at AS Level will follow the EDUQAS course which covers three key components.

Component 1: An Introduction to the Study of Religion- Christianity. This component explores 4 key themes including; Religious Figures and Sacred Texts, Religious Concepts, Religious Life and Religious Practices.

Component 2: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion. This component explores four key themes; Inductive Arguments for the Existence of God, Deductive Arguments for the Existence of God, Challenges to Religious Belief- the Problem of Evil and Suffering and Religious Experience.

Component 3: An Introduction to Religion and Ethics. This component explores four key themes including; Ethical Language, Aquinas’ Natural Law, Fletchers Situation Ethics and Utilitarianism.

Students will sit a written examination for each of the three components. Each paper is 1hr 30 mins and worth 33.3% of the qualification.