Key Stage 4

The Mathematics Department is highly supportive of all our students, as such we currently offer several GCSE course options throughout Key Stage 4, in order that every pupil is best able to meet their potential.

Students are taught in groups according to their ability and have seven lessons timetabled per fortnight. Every pupil studies topics within the six main areas of number, algebra, geometry and measures, ratio and proportion, probability and statistics; as well as completing several proof tasks.


Examination Results

In 2019, 20% of our students achieved Grade 8+, 37% achieved Grade 7+, 74% achieved Grade 5+ and 92% achieved Grade 4+.


Exam Information

All sets will study the AQA GCSE syllabus to be taken in June of Year 11 and the exam code is 8300.

During both Years 10 and 11, Sets 2 and 3 will study the Higher Tier syllabus and sets 4 and 5 will study the Foundation tier. Set 1 will study the Higher Tier syllabus and also study towards an Additional Mathematics qualification: final entries will be decided following the mock examinations.

See the AQA website for more details:

Examination Format

The examination will consist of three 1 hour and 30 minute papers: for one a calculator is not permitted and for the other two it is required. The following equipment is required during all papers: a pen, a pencil a ruler, a protractor and a pair of compasses.


Examination Dates

Paper 1 (non-calculator) - Tuesday 21.05.19 (am)

Paper 2 (calculator) - Thursday 06.06.19 (am)

Paper 3 (calculator) - Tuesday 11.06.19 (am)