Key Stage 4

Core PE is taught throughout the key stage with all students having one lesson per week in Years 10 and 11. Students are grouped by the staff and each group follows a programme of study designed to allow them to achieve at the highest possible level as well as develop the skills and understanding to allow them to maintain a healthy active lifestyle post 16.

In Year 10, activities change every half term. In addition all students take part in a fitness block (HRF - Health Related Fitness) where they are shown tests to indicate their level of fitness across a range of fitness components. They are then shown training methods which can be used to improve their personal fitness in each area. They also undertake a sports leadership block where they will be given the opportunity to lead small groups and develop their leadership skills. All students experience the full range of activities within the national curriculum.

The Year 11 curriculum focuses on areas of strength with each block lasting eight weeks. Throughout the key stage, pupils are encouraged to take on a variety of roles which may include choreographer, coach, official etc. To this end we ask them to bring their PE kit to lessons regardless of whether or not they are participating physically. Students are allowed to focus more specifically on activities of interest to inspire continued participation.