Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals and as members of their communities with more maturity, independence and power. Through PSHE, they are helped to become more self-aware and capable of increasingly sophisticated moral reasoning. They take greater responsibility for themselves and become more aware of the views, needs and rights of people of all ages. They build on the experience, confidence and competence they developed in Key Stage 2, learning new skills to help them make decisions and play an active part in their personal and social life. They learn how to plan and manage choices for their courses and future careers. They continue to develop and learn more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and cope well with their changing bodies and feelings. They also learn to cope with changing relationships and how these can affect their health and well-being. They are encouraged to make the most of new opportunities to take part in the life of the school and its communities.


Modes of Delivery

In Years 7-9, pupils are taught PSHE in one designated lesson a fortnight. PSHE topics are also covered in form time, supporting our 'Themes of the Week'.

Year 7 PSHE

Unit 1: Developing a supportive learning environment- During this module the focus is on settling in to life at Arden and managing pupils’ worries at this important time.

Unit 2: Bullying and creating a safe environment- In this module pupils explore issues relating to bullying and personal safety. Keeping in touch with the modern world we live in, pupils will also look at Cyber Bullying and their online presence.

Unit 3: Relationships and sex education- In this module pupils understand the changes your body goes through during puberty. What a healthy relationship looks like and consent, including FGM.

Unit 4: Healthy Living- In this module students explore how to live a healthy lifestyle looking at physical as well as mental health.

As an addition to the curriculum this year, pupils will be introduced to basic first aid and CPR.


Year 8 PSHE

Unit 1: Promoting Emotional Well-being- In this module students understand how to promote positive mental health and well-being

Unit 2: Alcohol/Smoking- In this module the focus is on understanding alcohol/smoking and the consequences that alcohol/smoking misuse can have. Looking at the law surrounding the use and distribution of alcohol.

Unit 3: Relationships and sex education: In this module students focus on relationships, grooming, body image, sexual identity as well as a basic introduction to Contraception and STI’s. FGM will now be included in this unit.

Unit 4: Finance- In this module students have a basic introduction to how the economy works and affects them. How to budget and the value of money.

As an addition to the curriculum this year, pupils will be introduced to basic first aid and CPR.


Year 9 PSHE

Unit 1: Drugs Education- In this module pupils cover issues relating to different types of drugs, the consequences of drug use and the law.

Unit 2: Careers- In this unit pupils explore future careers with a focus on skills, qualities and qualifications needed. They will look at pathways available to them and discuss choices in the lead up to choosing their options.

Unit 3: Finance- In this module students explore issues relating to identity fraud and how to stay safe online

Unit 4: Relationships and sex education: In this module students focus on key areas such as consent, sexualised behaviour, sexting, gender stereotypes, contraception and STI’s