Free School Meals

New Applications for Free School Meals 2018-19

You can register/apply online for your free school meal (FSM) by using the Parent Portal which is part of the existing school admissions online system.

Re-visit your account at and after logging on, click on the free school meal button where you are required to provide three pieces of additional information.

The first screen will show your name and address (this can be changed) and your child/children’s details. If you have to add another child click on the add child button and after adding the name click again on the free school meal/universal infant meal button and you will see the screen where you add your additional details name, date of birth, national insurance number. Once completed press submit to send the application and if it has gone through you will receive an email confirming that your application has been sent. Applications are normally processed within five working days but at busy time this may take a little longer. If you do not have an account you can create a new one by clicking on register in the top left corner of the screen and you will then be able to make an application.

Please ensure applications are submitted by 27th July 2018 where possible as this will enable the Solihull MBC Free School Meal Team to process applications prior to the start of the autumn term in September. If you are unable to apply by that date you will still be able to apply online but please note applications are processed on a first come first served basis.

Further information and a link to the online Parent Portal can be found on the Solihull MBC website

Please Note: If you already receive free school meals for your children and there are no changes to your details there is no requirement to re-apply as your free meal entitlement will transfer to your child’s new school as long as the previous school was a Solihull School.

If your child’s previous school was not a Solihull School you will have to make an application to this local authority as your entitlement will not transfer.

Once Arden has been advised by the Local Authority that an application for FSM has been confirmed, we will update our system to reflect this.

Arden - Free School Meals Guidance 2018-19

1. The Free School Meal daily allowance will be £2.20 and this applies to items purchased at lunchtime only (i.e. not at morning break).

2. The daily allowance will automatically be added at lunch-time; any unused allowance for that day will be identified and removed. The following day, the full allowance will automatically be added, as before, at lunch-time.

3. The allowance may not be carried over to the following school day.

4. Parents/Guardians may add extra credit to their child’s school meal account, via ParentPay/Paypoint, and this additional money may be used to buy snacks at morning break and to cover any extra food at lunchtime.

5. There is a daily meal deal available for £2.20 which is a main meal and dessert.

6. A daily ‘spend limit’ of £5.00 will be programmed into the system. This can be increased or decreased for an individual pupil by you making a written request to the school’s Finance Office.

7. Our menus are available to view on the school website: