Online safety

Pupils and parents - the CEOP button on this page and the home page should be used if you have concerns regarding illegal content or activity online.

Online safety is extremely important and pupils at Arden will follow a planned programme of age relevant online safety work from Year 7 to Year 13. They will look at how to be safe online in all subject lessons where ICT is used, as well as through form time activities and special assemblies during every year. Topics include: cyber-bullying, online predators and sexting. Click to see online safety student production

We encourage teachers and pupils to use ICT as part of everyday teaching and learning, but as the internet and new technologies are being developed and changed every day it is important that staff, parents and pupils remain vigilant to possible threats and risks.

We have an online safety group which helps to review polices and look at how Arden supports students to stay safe online. This group is made up of subject teachers, pastoral staff, ICT support staff, governors and parents.

Student Digital Leaders are involved in delivering key messages to other pupils through assemblies in the Autumn term each year. They also ensure that online safety reminders are displayed in classrooms across school.

For any further information on online safety please contact Mr Mark Hooper (Deputy Head Teacher)

Internet Filtering

Information regarding safer internet access for our students can be found within this section.

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Links for Parents/Carers

Information and guidance for Parents/Carers regarding online safety 

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Links for Young People

These links are aimed at younger people and cover advice on preventing or dealing with online safety issues

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Online safety update

We know that Christmas is a time when many of our pupils will receive gifts of new phones, tablets, computers and games. It is important that you know that they are using these products safely

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Online Safety Assemblies

Student Digital Leaders delivered assemblies on staying safe online to all students from Year 7 to Year 13.

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Online Safety Parents Meetings

These meetings are held every year and are open for parents with pupils in any year group as online safety is an issue for all young people and adults to be aware of.  

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CEOP Online Safety Video

Online safety is extremely important and your child/children will look at how to be safe online in subject lessons, through form time activities and special...

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