Performing Arts


Arden’s Drama Department not only allows every pupil to experience the arts but we also equip every student with the practical skills required to collaborate with others. We passionately believe that Drama enriches the lives of our pupils by allowing them the creativity to explore texts and issues in a safe and trusting environment.


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Music is taught in a purpose-built Performing Arts block with two large teaching rooms and six practice rooms. Students have access to Apple Macs in one teaching room while the other has sixteen keyboards, among other classroom instruments. The Music Department also has a specialist A Level teaching room with recording studio facilities.

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Media Studies

Eduqas Media studies attract a large number of students because of the content that is studied over the course. We study challenging texts from the 1950’s all the way to modern texts that the students will have witnessed in mass media. The course is fun & rigorous, allowing students to understand how the media impact our world experience.

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