Key Stage 3

Year 7

Triangle of Theatre: This 6 lesson unit introduces pupils to the key drama skills they will be using this year. Some skills being explored are still image, characterisation, status and space.

Physical Theatre: This unit explores how actors can use their bodies to create set and props on stage. Some key skills explored are ensemble movement and sound.

Spears Sports: This unit explores a fictional town 'Basford On Sea' where pupils remain in role throughout the unit and respond to Teacher in Role. They are able to build upon their physical theatre skills when exploring 'human machines.'


Year 8

Shakespeare: Using a variety of Shakespeare texts this unit introduces pupils to a range of new drama styles including 'Commedia.' The unit covers context, voice, movement and staging.

Non-Naturalistic Drama: Pupils interpret a range of stimulus to prompt practical ideas. They use poems to explore movement, scripts to consider exaggerated performance styles and images to apply vocal techniques.

Kombarra: this unit allows pupils to explore the lives of refugees fleeing an imaginary war torn country. They apply choral speech, ensemble movement and thought tracking in their exploration.


Year 9

Tension: throughout the unit pupils piece together the script extracts and find a link to the content. They use a range of production values to explore the various ways that tension can be created for an audience.

DNA': using key script extracts the scheme explores GCSE examination techniques and criteria. It allows pupils to use GCSE performance and evaluation skills giving an insight into how lessons work at KS4.

Mask: Pupils practically explore and research the impact of mask work. The unit requires them to devise a performance from a selected theme/issue. They explore how they can use mask in a range of performance contexts. This unit again draws on GCSE examination skills and assessment criteria.