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Martin Murphy Arden Principal‘A good beginning makes a good ending’ – a statement I share with all students at the start of a new year. This year will be no different, since we must all aim to embrace the opportunities that a new year and new term can bring.  It is perhaps fitting to take a moment to reflect on the past year when we welcomed many new students into the Arden family and it has been immensely satisfying to witness how well they have settled into and added to the character of the school.

We also said farewell to students who have achieved outstanding success in their examinations and are now entering the next chapter of their lives with a firm foundation borne out of being part of such a successful school.  It is a source of immense pride how well-prepared our students are to embrace the world of work or further education once they have left Arden.  Much of this is due to the hard work and commitment of the staff, not just through the superb quality of teaching, but the excellent pastoral care and the many extra-curricular activities on offer that provide students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.  I am exceptionally proud of the students who join the many clubs, groups and forums Arden has to offer, whatever their level of expertise, as they have a desire to participate, enhance their learning experience and improve their skills.

The levels our students achieve in their chosen fields are quite amazing; we have sportsmen and women who participate at local, county and international level and who possess an astonishing variety of talent in the performing arts arena.  There are many events in the school calendar that showcase the talents of our students, but I would particularly like to mention last year’s production of ‘Into the Woods’ which was a wonderful example of the teamwork that exemplifies the qualities that are at the heart of our school.  This year, our students will be performing ‘Grease’ from Wednesday 11th July to Saturday 14th July 2018 which, I am sure, will be an amazing show.

Participation in the many opportunities on offer reinforces the principles we encourage our students to adhere to and which are firmly established in The Arden Values.

Although the summer examination period seems a long way off, the months will soon pass by and I know many of our students will be thinking about how to achieve their personal goals. The mock exam results will be published soon and, as always, students will be guided and supported throughout this time by Arden staff who work tirelessly on behalf of their students.  However, I would offer one piece of advice to those students who may feel daunted – ‘a good beginning makes a good ending’! These words apply not just to examination preparation but are perhaps ones we could all take to heart especially if we are committing to achieving New Year resolutions!

As well as all the information to be found on our website, I hope you have received and enjoyed our new monthly newsletter; there are so many exciting events and student successes to report.

I would like to finish by expressing my grateful thanks for the support shown for the fundraising and charitable activities that took place during the autumn term.  Christmas is a time of year that highlights the plight of less fortunate members of the local, national and international community and the response from all members of the Arden family was considerable.

I wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year.

Martin Murphy
Arden Principal

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