Key Stage 3

The unique PE curriculum offered at Arden in Key Stage 3 has been designed to support the personal growth and development of pupils of Arden, which in turn will have a positive impact on the local community.  The concept based curriculum will be delivered in 6 different units of study.  Each year the units will remain the same but the level of depth of learning will progress throughout a pupil’s journey in Key Stage 3.  The concepts covered are:

  • Self-Identification
  • Spirit of Community
  • Developing your Flow
  • Connecting the Physical You
  • Olympic values
  • A Sense of Composure

Pupils will learn and develop through each concept in a wide range of physical activities, skills and games.  In lessons pupils will be challenged to find the personalised learning through our A.C.E (Aspire Curiosity Energy) focus, while at the same time supporting their classmates. 

Planning document for new curriculum