Catch Up Premium

During the academic year 2019/2020 Arden Academy received £8000 in additional funding as part of the Catch-up Premium scheme.  Due to the way in which students are assessed and progress is recorded at Key Stage2, the payment was frozen by the government to what it was in the academic year 2015/2016.

This funding allows schools to provide additional intervention and support to students, who on leaving primary school, did not meet the expected standard.  This funding is in place to ensure that we ‘close the gap’ between identified children and their peers.

We are expecting to receive the same amount this year.  We have invested the catch up spend in a similar way and continue to deliver a smaller nurture humanities classes as well as employing a maths primary specialist to deliver catch up maths.


16-19 tuition fund statement

Following the introduction of a 16-19 tuition fund, Arden Sixth Form is using the funds for the September 2020 intake as follows: 

  • Each qualifying student is met with 1-1 to discuss progress on Level 3 courses.
  • Barriers to progress are discussed and identified on an individual basis.
  • Extra support is put in place following this identification process.
  • The support ranges from 1-1 mentoring to support progress in Level 3 courses, to small group work on developing skills suitable for A Level study, to extra subject specific support depending on the need.


Support for Literacy and Maths

In order to support our children who did not meet the expected standard for English and Maths on leaving Key Stage 2 we employed the support of a specialist primary school teacher to work with students who required additional intervention. This included one to one and small group maths work, as well as a small group humanities teaching group. This allows us to work with our students to improve literacy skills through the History and Geography curriculum. This allows us to bridge the gap between primary and secondary school.

It is difficult to evaluate the impact of this spending due to school closures as a result of COVID 19