Key Stage 3

At Key stage 3, students follow a varied curriculum through the investigation of the work of other artists and the development of practical skills and techniques in a range of media.  Homework is focused on developing and extending ideas and concepts studied within class in order to promote independent and creative thinking.

Year 7

Students work on two themes during the year:

  • What is art? Exploring different genres and mediums in art and design.  Learning about the Turner Prize and contemporary art, and making a 3D piece of art themselves.
  • Stories in art: Learning about the genre of narrative painting. Creating a narrative painting of their own.

Within these themes, students learn the following skills:

  • Creative thinking
  • Responding to artists’ work
  • Modelling with clay or other materials
  • Developing colour mixing
  • Painting
  • Composition


Year 8

Students work on the following themes during the year:

  • Still life: Learning about the genre of still life and observational drawing
  • Heroes and Villains: Exploring the concept of ‘heroes and villains’ in art, including computer game characters
  • Large portrait using chalk pastel

Within these themes, students learn the following skills:

  • Drawing and the use of tone,
  • Digital art skills,
  • Print making
  • Painting
  • Proportioning
  • Drawing with chalk pastel

Year 9

Students begin the year with mixed media workshops and then select a theme for a personal project of their own.

During the year, students learn the following skills:

  • Drawing from observation
  • Mixed media techniques
  • Responding to artists work
  • Developing independent  ideas