GCSE Design & Technology Graphic Design Focus

Did you know that most of the World’s top designers are British? Would you like to take the first step towards being one of them? As an effective Graphics student you will be highly motivated and organised to work independently on controlled assessments.

You will need to be a ‘creative’ problem solver and idea generator and be interested in analysing the work of other designers and the wider social and environmental factors that affect design in the world in which we live. You must also be willing to draw, sketch and model

...and also use a great deal of ICT!

 The Course

Great design is about generating innovative and creative ideas, communicating through visuals, analysing existing products, understanding and answering users’ needs and wants. Within the course you will be investigating ‘good’ design and design trends, its role in industry, modelling and trialling techniques, using digital media and new technologies.

You’ll be studying the characteristics of graphics materials, the use of new ‘smart’ materials, producing high quality 2D and 3D graphic products, print processes and the environmental and sustainability issues that affect the business.

Coursework project options include things like:

Product Packaging: Food, Fragrances, Drinks, Make-Up, Computer Games, Electronic Gadgets; they all need a box!

 Corporate Identity and Branding: Logos, corporate style; encapsulating a business in the graphics that represent it.

 Architecture: Designing ‘the built environment’.

Point of Sale Display: Presenting your client’s product in the retail environment in an attractive, engaging and inviting way.


� Design and Technology in the 21st Century:

Written Examination lasting 2 Hours counting for 50% of the

qualification or 100 marks.

� Design and Make Task:

50% of the qualification or 100 marks.


For more information please speak to Mr. Eades or Ms Hayward