Learning Support at Arden Academy

Arden Academy pursues a 'Whole School Policy' for Special Needs. We do our very best within our budget and expertise to support children with extra needs. The furtherance of this policy will involve:

  • Supporting the school's aims and equal opportunities policy
  • Teachers being responsible for the progress of all pupils in their classes
  • Making help and support available to staff as they attempt to meet their responsibilities with respect to their special needs
  • Support being available to all pupils as necessary, within the limits of the school's resources, to enable them to follow the full National Curriculum, achieved by quality first teaching, effective differentiation and support
  • Ensuring all the resources of the school are used for the development of all pupils to meet their individual needs
  • Support being provided by individual subject areas and the Learning Support Department
  • The school maps its SEN provision and monitors it to ensure value for money and good progress of pupils
  • The Special Needs Governor for Arden is Ms Sarah Bloomer


Implementation of the Special Educational Needs Policy

The 2014 Special educational needs and disability Code of Practice is fully in place at Arden. The school uses the assess, plan, do and review approach as suggested in the code of practice. Students who are identified as having a special educational need are then, in consultation with parents, added to the register and strategies are shared with teaching staff and the appropriate support staff to ensure quality first teaching and effective differentiation takes place.

Visiting support teachers from the Learning Support Service, Specific Learning Difficulty Service, Hearing Impaired Service, English as a Second Language Service, Visual Impairment Team and Emotional and Social Difficulties Service are active in school supporting a number of pupils. The Careers Service attends progress reviews of students in Years 9-11.


Director of Learning Support – Mrs S Pratt

Assistant Director of Learning Support - Mrs B Whitney

SENCO - Mr M Hooper - Deputy Head Teacher