Key Stage 3

  • Red questions – these questions are designed to challenge your understanding
  • Extension tasks that push your learning into GCSE or even A Level standard
  • Using GCSE influenced assessments e.g. ISA style assessments
  • Numeracy Homework to develop your numeracy skills that will help you when you move on to GCSE topics
  • Working with Sixth Form helpers in small focussed groups to help extend your understanding
  • Independent tasks that allow you the freedom to complete work in the most imaginative way possible and so that you can direct your own learning and pose questions for yourself
  • The promotion of studying science at Triple Award Level at GCSE

Key stage 4

  • Six mark questions – these are longer answer questions at GCSE that involve skill in both science knowledge and also English writing as you get marked on SPAG too! You will also peer mark these in class to help develop your exam technique
  • Red question homeworks – these questions are specifically designed to challenge you to reach A/A* grades
  • The promotion of studying a science at A Level and even Degree Level
  • A Level questions
  • Look for cross curricular and subjects links this will help you apply your subject knowledge and is a good skill to have as it will be very useful at A Level
  • Interventions are being carried to support pupils in Triple science
  • Open ended projects to encourage independent learning

Key Stage 5

This stage of your education is preparing you for the world of work or further education. With this in mind the way that you approach the course should be different.

  • Independent Work – you should be taking ownership of your own learning, reading around the subject and doing extra work at home making sure you fully understand concepts
  • Further Reading - This is an important skill and one you will find helpful when you move into further education. Scientific journals are available for you to buy through the school (See Mrs Harnett in S6 for details) and you can always be on the look-out for links to your topics in the news
  • Become a Sixth Form Mentor – come along lower school lessons and share your understanding
  • Birmingham University Lectures – Wednesday afternoons Birmingham university holds a range of lectures on different topics that are aimed to grasp you imagination and extend your understanding
  • Literacy Tasks that have been created from science journals to develop your literacy and analysis skills. This also helps to keep your knowledge up to date.

Here are some of the extra-curricular activities we offer in Science, we would love for you to get involved.

  • STEM days
  • Wildlife Club
  • Science and Astronomy Club
  • Science House Events

Websites you can use: