Drama is taught to every pupil at Arden. It is an important subject that helps to develop pupils’ understanding of the arts alongside the crucial development of life skills required in the workplace and beyond. We work closely with the music department and collaborate annually with our well respected school production.

Throughout their study of drama we will help pupils to progress through stages of artistic and creative development. These stages track pupils’ skills as a: participant, co-operator, experimenter, leader, critic, inspirer and expert.

On one hand our curriculum is designed to inspire our pupils and to educate them about theatre as an art form and drama as an explorative strategy; we study influential playwrights (Shakespeare, Wheeler, Godber, Berkoff, Brecht) and diverse theatrical form (Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Theatre Alibi, Headlong). We will teach oral literacy as well as the valuable skills of analysis and evaluation through peer and self-appraisal. Of equal importance to our academic focus is our investment in pupils’ ‘softer skills’; pupils in drama exercise their resilience with mistake making, endeavour in independent work and confidence in group work and performance.

Drama is taught throughout Key Stage 3 and is a popular option at Key Stage 4 and 5.

Lessons are taught in our two purpose built drama studios, one equipped with lighting and sound technology.

At Key Stage 3 we are equipping pupils with the practical skills required to be an effective dramatist.

At Key Stage 4 students can take a GCSE in drama where they create original devised and scripted work and respond to a range of stimulus. Pupils will also begin their theoretical journey in preparation for the written examination.

At Key Stage 5 students can take A’ Level Drama and Theatre Studies. This is an academic course that provides opportunities to explore a range of theatre practitioners, play scripts and reading and interpreting theatre forms.  They have the opportunity to create original devised work in Year 12 and perform a scripted examination with a practitioner influence in Year 13. 

There are a range of extra curricular activities available across all Key Stages. At Key Stage 3 a weekly Drama Club is a popular choice for pupils. This culminates in a showcase of work created throughout the year.

The spring term school production enables pupils to engage in varying disciplines covering: performance, directing, stage management, lighting and sound.

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Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 lessons we look to deliver a variety of performance skills and techniques in order to give students a broad range of experience.

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Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama is a popular choice for students where they participate in lessons five times per fortnight. The subject is delivered under the AQA exam board which is split into three assessed components.

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Key Stage 5

A Level Drama & Theatre Studies is a creative and academic option ensuring students have the opportunity to increase their skills for lifelong learning.

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Drama Clubs

Drama clubs take place throughout the week

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