Key Stage 5 Cambridge Technical Level 3 in IT


Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Information Technology (Extended Certificate) (Equivalent to one A-level).

This is an optional subject.


Contact Time

All pupils will have nine lessons each fortnight.


Exam Information

Students will take two units in Year 12 which are assessed through written examination. These are equally weighted. Unit 1 will be taken in January and Unit 2 in May.   In Year 13, students will study a further three units all equally weighted.  Unit 3 is a written examination that will be sat in January.  The other two units are internally assessed (coursework) and these focus on Project Management and the Internet of Everything.


Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT

Students will gain a sound understanding of IT technologies and practices which is essential for IT professionals. In this unit, students will learn about fundamentals of hardware, networks, software, the ethical use of computers and how businesses use IT.  After completing this unit, the knowledge, skills and understanding that the students have developed will underpin their study for the additional units. The knowledge students’ gain in this unit will also help prepare them for relevant industry qualifications such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Mobility+ and Cisco IT Essentials. 


Unit 2: Global information

Students will learn about the uses of information in the public domain, globally, in the cloud and across the Internet, by individuals and organisations. Students will learn that good management of both data and information is essential and that it can give any organisation a competitive edge. This unit will provide students with a greater understanding of how organisations use information sources both internally and externally and the types of information they use. Students will gain an understanding of the functionality of information and how data is stored and processed by organisations. Students will also learn about how individuals use information of various types. This unit will help students to understand the legislation and regulation governing information which flows in to and out of an organisation and the constraints and limitations that apply to it. Students will also learn the relationship between data and Information. Knowledge gained in the study of this unit will also help prepare students for relevant industry qualifications such as VM Ware.


Unit 3: Cyber Security

Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the range of threats, vulnerabilities and risks that impact on both individuals and organisations.  Students will learn about the solutions that can be used to prevent or deal with cyber security incidents resulting from these challenges. Students will also be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of cyber security issues and solutions by reviewing and making recommendations for ways to best protect digital systems and information.


Unit 8 and 17 –Project Management and Internet of Everything

In the Project Management Unit, students will learn key skills centred around project planning, and will be presented with the opportunity to understand and use various project planning skills and techniques that are vital in the workplace.  In the later unit, students will explore the use of the Internet and how it is impacting people and society.  Students will learn about the Internet of Everything (IoE) and how it is used.  Using secure knowledge, students will carry out a feasibility study for a potential idea. This idea will be pitched to potential stakeholders and use their feedback to revise the proposal.