PE Kit and Department Policy

Arden PE Kit

Details of the sports kit an Arden pupil requires can be seen in the Information menu/Uniform requirements or by clicking on the following link: Uniform requirements

Gum shields

We would like to remind parents that as per Arden's school uniform list, we strongly recommend the use of gum shields for contact sports such as rugby, hockey and lacrosse. Gum shields help to protect teeth against damage.

If a pupil is unable to wear a gum shield due to braces, then parents are asked to write a signed note in their planner as to whether or not you give your consent for them to participate in contact sports. If this consent is not given, then alternative arrangements for PE provision will be made for then times when these activities are running.

Equally, if a pupil does not wear a brace but a parent would like to give consent for them to participate in contact sports without a gum shield, this must be supported by a signed note in their planner to that effect.

Pupils who do not wear gum shields and do not have parental consent to play without one, will be limited as to which sporting activities they can participate in.

Kit policy

Falure to bring the correct Arden PE kit in will result in the following sanctions:

  • first incident - 10 minute detention
  • second incident - 30 minute detention
  • third incident - letter home and one hour detention with Head of Key Stage
  • fourth incident - meeting with parents and one hour detention
  • fifth incident - action from Head of Year
  • Kit must always be brought into school on PE timetabled days
  • PE kit remains the responsibility of the pupil
  • On occasions, PE kit may be left in the PE office however staff cannot be held responsible for its safe-keeping
  • Unless physically unable to participate in the lesson, students will be expected to change into full PE kit and take an active part in the lesson
  • If a student is physically unable to participate in his/her lesson over a short period of time, a letter must be sent from home detailing the issue preventing participation
  • Any long term issues preventing participation may require a doctor's note (at the discrection of the Department