Key Stage 3

  • Challenge questions – every lesson will have questions are designed to challenge your depth of understanding and knowledge.
  • Extension tasks will be used in some topics, which cover a broader section of the topic.
  • Using the GCSE trigger words like analyse, explain and evaluate in your key pieces of homework and assessments to focus on those skills.
  • Homework often allows you to be independent. We will set tasks that allow you the freedom to complete work in the most creative, reflective & imaginative way possible.
  • If you enjoy these sorts of questions, consider taking GCSE RE as it focuses on ethical, philosophical and religious aspects of life, the universe and everything!


Key Stage 4

  • Your teacher will frequently make enrichment suggestions. These are linked to RE in the news or particular TV programmes and films.
  • Twelve mark questions – these are longer ‘evaluate’ questions at GCSE that involve skill in both RE knowledge and also English writing as you get marked on SPaG too!
  • Challenge questions – these questions are specifically designed to challenge you to reach grades 8/9. They usually ask you to make links between Christianity and Islam or look at principles that can be linked to several aspects of the course.
  • Look out for ‘icing on the cake’ points that will make your answer stand out above the rest. Collect them throughout your course.
  • Explore cross curricular links as this will help you apply your subject knowledge. Furthermore, it’s a good skill to have & will be very useful at A’ level.
  • Enhance your learning by tackling some A level ideas and incorporate key terminology into your answers and discussions.
  • If you have a love of wisdom, enjoy studying religious, philosophical and ethical concepts, consider studying RE at A level.