Key Stage 4 Creative iMedia

Creative iMedia is an optional subject at Key Stage 4 - it is a popular and successful choice for many students.

Contact Time

All pupils will have five lessons each fortnight.

Exam Information

Students will study the OCR creative iMedia course


Unit R081 - Pre-production skills, 1 hour 15 minutes, written paper (25% of total qualification)

Students are introduced to a range of essential pre-production techniques used in the creative and digital media, including client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques

Unit R082 - Creating digital graphics, coursework unit (25% of total qualification)

Building on the skills and understanding that they have developed in the previous unit, students explore where and why digital graphics are used and the techniques that are involved in their creation. They apply their skills and knowledge in creating digital graphics against a specific brief.

Unit R087 - Creating interactive multimedia products, coursework unit (25% of total qualification)

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of about where and why different interactive multimedia products are used and what features are needed for a given purpose. They learn how to interpret a client brief, and how to use time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques as part of the planning and creation process.

Unit R091 – Designing a game concept, coursework unit (25% of total qualification)

Students will explore different game types and platforms, before then planning and designing a digital game concept.  Students will also produce a game design proposal and consider how well the game components, narrative and gameplay combine to make a playable game, and identify any improvements that could be made.

Students will complete two units in Year 10 and two units in Year 11.