Key Stage 5

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies is a creative and academic A Level option that will ensure you have the opportunity to work imaginatively and collaboratively whilst deepening your skills for lifelong learning.

 We study AQA Drama and Theatre Studies. This course has been chosen to maximise students’ opportunity to study a personalised course with a good balance of practical work and theory; ensuring that students are academically prepared for university study as well as other work and study options. Our A Level productions are renowned for their professionalism and originality and are the highlight of the course for all students who love to perform and produce exciting theatre and drama.

 Studying drama at A Level will equip students with in depth knowledge and understanding of plays and playwrights and practitioners within their historical, cultural, political and social contexts. The ability to analyse, synthesis and critically evaluate will be developed in both written and oral work. Students will also project plan, produce and perform theatre at the highest standard throughout the two years. This A Level is a superb choice for students wishing to pursue careers where leadership, presentations and independent and creative thinking are vital. Our students go on to further study and careers in diverse fields including: acting, medicine, the RAF, the police, media, journalism, accounting, IT, to name but a few.


Year 12 


Practitioner study (Stanislavski, Berkoff, Artaud, Complicite)

 Live theatre analysis


October – December:

Making Theatre -Scripted performances 1 & 2 with a working notebook

Set text 1 study (Caucasian Chalk Circle)


January – May:

‘Creating Original Drama’ – a devised performance worth 30% A’Level

 Set text 1 study (Caucasian Chalk Circle)


June – July:

Set text 1 study (Caucasian Chalk Circle)

Live theatre analysis


Year 13

September- January:

Set text 2 study (Metamorphosis)

‘Making Theatre’ -Scripted performances extract 3 with a working notebook worth 30% of A Level.



Set text 1 study (Caucasian Chalk Circle)

Set text 2 study (Metamorphosis)

Live theatre analysis

Written examination 3 hours, open book worth 40% of A’Level



Making Theatre- Scripted performance exam with reflective report, public performance, worth 30% of A Level

Creating Original Drama- Devised performance exam with working notebook, public performance, worth 30% of A Level

Drama and Theatre- Written exam, 3 hours, open book, worth 40% of A Level