Why we like Science

Mr Smith (Physics Teacher)

I love Science because I love to know how things work. I don't believe it is enough to accept everyday phenomena at face value and I take great satisfaction from developing a deeper understanding of things we take for granted, whether they be on the scale of the stars and the universe, or as small as the inner workings of the atom.

Miss Page (Chemistry Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher)

I'm not happy just accepting things, I want to know why! Science gives me the why! ... then poses even more questions that need answering. It's not a subject that stops, no one person will ever know everything about Science. As our understanding of life, the universe and everything (literary reference) deepens we realise that there is even more we don't understand. That unlimited potential is exciting...  that's why I find science so amazing.

Dr Cannadine (Chemistry Teacher)

'Science is all around us and the fascinating part of teaching Science is sharing knowledge and ideas with the students' 'Using Science to solve global problems is the way forward'. 'Experiments and Scientific models allow students to understand some of the more tricky concepts'

Mrs Lennon (Biology Teacher and Head of Science)

I love that science allows you to be ambitious, stretching yourself to ask the questions “what would happen if…?”, “why does that …?” Science is daring, it allows us to debate the ethics of whether we should we do something just because we can. It is always relevant and in the news meaning you can readily relate new science to your lessons and grasp the interest of our future scientists.