Key Stage 5

Two English subjects are available at Key Stage 5: English Literature and English Language & Literature combined. Each follows a full two-year A-level course. AS exams are no longer taken, but there will be internal exams at the end of Year 12 to help teachers determine predicted grades.

English Literature for Years 12 and 13 follows the OCR GCE English Literature A Level specification H472 and builds on skills developed during the study of GCSE English Literature.

English Language and Literature (combined) follows the Edexcel specification 9EL01 and provides progression from the GCSE English Language and Literature courses, combining literary and linguistic approaches to the study and creation of written and spoken texts.


English Language and Literature Combined-Edexcel 9EL01

Students will explore a variety of non-literary and digital texts contained in the anthology as well as two texts connected to the theme of ”Society and the Individual”; they will be “The Great Gatsby” and “Othello”.


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English Literature-OCR H472

Students will start in September with a bridging unit where key skills and knowledge of canonical texts will be taught.

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