Absence from school

Absence (Year 7-11)

Summary of Requirements Regarding Attendance and Punctuality at Arden

1. Children must be seated in their form group at  8.40am (9am on Wednesdays) for morning registration; please emphasise with your child(ren) the importance of attending morning registration and getting an attendance mark

2.Children in school who have not attended morning registration without valid reason will be marked Late (L)

3.Morning registration closes at 8.40am (9am on Wednesdays)

4.Children arriving after the gates close at 8.40am (9am on Wednesdays)

will enter school through the Main Entrance, sign in and receive a Late (L) mark

5.Children arriving Late without a valid reason and note/appointment letter, will receive a same-day 30 minute lunchtime detention

6. Children who arrive after form time (9.05am) without a valid reason will be coded as an Unauthorised Late (O) and receive a same-day lunchtime detention. A “O” Code will affect their percentage attendance

7. Children who arrive after form time (9.05am) with proof of a valid reason will be coded as Medical (M) or other relevant code. An “M” code will affect their percentage attendance

8.Children must be seated in their lesson at 1.25pm for afternoon registration

9.Children in school who do not attend afternoon registration without valid reason will be marked Late (L)

10.Afternoon registration closes at 1.25pm

11.Parents/Guardians of children in receipt of 6 or more Late marks will receive a letter home regarding their punctuality

12.Where there are 6 or more Late marks and no improvement in punctuality further sanctions will be put in place

13.Our Attendance goal for all children is 100%

14.Children falling below 90% will be considered Persistent Absentees (PAs) and referred to the Attendance Lead (EWO)

15.Student absences should be reported no later than 8:30am EVERY DAY they are absent – our preferred method of absence reporting is via Edulink, or you can leave a message on the Absence Line – 01564-773348 (menu option 1).  Should a parent/guardian not report an absence then school will make contact to establish why a child is missing from education. If there is no response the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and the matter will be referred to Attendance Lead (EWO) who may do a home visit

16.Reasons for absences can be questioned by the Attendance Lead (EWO) where absences occur at regular periods, on the same week day, with the same reasons or just before and after school holidays

17.Children will be rewarded for excellent attendance and improved attendance

18.Children with 10 or more unauthorised absences (“O” or “G” codes) will be referred to the Local Authority who will consider issuing a penalty notice. Every day in school consists of two sessions, therefore 10 absences equates to 5 days

19.All requests for leave should be submitted using the Absence Request Form (available on our website or from Reception). Leave during term time will not be authorised

20.For further details please refer to our Arden Attendance Policy

If in any doubt, please leave a message on the Absence Line as too much information is better than none at all.


School Day 

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays  Wednesdays 
08:40 Registration & Form Period 09:00 Registration & Period 1
09:05 Period 1 10:05 Period 2
10:05 Period 2 11:05 Break
11:05 Break 11:25 Period 3
11:25 Period 3 12:25 Lunch
12:25 Lunch 13:25 Registration & Period 4
13:25 Registration & Period 4 14:30 Period 5
14:30 Period 5 15:30 End of school
15:30 End of school    

Condensed School Days

During the school year there are occasions when we finish the school day at 2:15pm, e.g., Parent Consultations.  These days will be denoted in the calendar on the school website and in the children's school planners.  The pupils still have 5 lessons on these days, of 50 minutes duration:

08:40 Registration & Period 1
09:35 Period 2
10:25 Break
10:45 Period 3
11:35 Period 4
12:25 Lunch
13:25 Period 5
14:15 End of school


Absence Request Form

Absence Request form

Arden Attendance Policy