House System

The Arden House System’s main purpose is to help produce happy, confident and competitive students who take pride in their Houses, feel they are a part of Arden Academy and allows students to learn beyond the classroom.

The overall system is led by Miss O'Brien with each House having House Heads to assist with the organising of each House. Houses are as follows: 

  • Attenborough - Mrs Butler
  • Curie - Miss Dreznin & Mr Smith
  • Parks - Mrs Hammond
  • Darwin - Mr Fletcher
  • Nightingale - Mr Weaver

Each house consists of two forms from each year group. Form tutors take an active role in encouraging participation with the House System and competitions and activities are created across the subject departments. Points are awarded to students for various aspects in each event, for attending, winning and effort. Pupils are also awarded points for their contribution at co-curricular clubs, helping at school events, competing for the school and helping at Open Evening. This is an important part of the Rewards and Sanctions Policy at Arden as it celebrates student’s wider contributions and achievements in the Arden community. The competitions consist of a wide range of disciplines, from catering and photography to creative writing and sport.

Sports Day is also a whole Academy event in the summer which sees the Houses competing in many different track and field events. As well as this, the Summer Term also plays host to House Music, an inter-house performing arts competition, and House Tennis for Year 10 pupils. House Tennis is a staff-student inter-house competition, accompanied by strawberries and cream!

The House System at Arden has evolved to meet the needs of students in the twenty-first century and will continue to do so in the years to come in order to help the students receive a rounded, and more importantly, enjoyable education.

All students have a house colour on their blazer so they know where their allegiances lie!


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