Key Stage 5 Product Design

How will the subject be taught:

Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. This specification encourages students to use creativity and  imagination when applying an  iterative design processes to develop and modify designs and to design and make prototypes that solve real world problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants, aspirations and values.

 Students will need to take every opportunity to integrate and apply their understanding and knowledge from other subject areas studied during key stage 4, with a particular focus on science and mathematics, and those subjects they are studying alongside GCE design and technology.

 Coursework will be tailored to suit individual students’ strengths, backgrounds and personal interests. Students will be guided with their design briefs to ensure they can achieve to their potential.  Students will be expected to work independently to produce their coursework. Theory for the exam will be taught in lessons and also undertaken by students outside of lesson time.

 The majority of the work will be expected to be completed in a sketch book format which can then be used for university interviews as part of a student’s portfolio.

What is covered in the course:

Component 1:

Design and Technology in the 21st Century

Written examination                            3 hours                                                    50% of qualification

Students take a single examination in one of the following endorsed areas:

•   Fashion and Textiles

•   Product Design

The  examination  includes  a  mix  of  structured  and  extended  writing  questions  assessing  students' knowledge and understanding of:

•   technical principles

•   designing and making principles along with their ability to analyse and evaluate wider issues  in design and technology.


Component 2:

Design and make project

Non-exam assessment                         approximately 80 hours                       50% of qualification

A  sustained  design  and  make  project,  based  on  a  brief  developed  by  the  candidate,  assessing  the candidate's ability to:

•   identify, investigate and outline design possibilities

•   design and make prototypes

•   analyse and evaluate design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others The design and make project will be based within the same endorsed area as the written examination.

The subject content of both components covers the following:

•   designing and innovation

•   materials and components

•   processes

•   industrial and commercial practice

•   product analysis and systems

•   human responsibility

•   public interaction

•   marketing and research

What opportunities come with this subject:

Product Design can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific design route students want to specialise in. It  enables them to become competent in a wide range of independent skills and creative development methods that can be adapted to suit other situations and employment. This is essential if a learner hopes to be successful in Higher Education. An A level in Product Design, combined with other subjects can be used to gain access to all university courses.

Higher Education/Career Implications:

Exhibition designer                                       Furniture design/Manufacture 

Industrial Designer                                      Interior and spatial designer 

Automotive engineer                                    Advertising art director    

Graphic designer                                           Materials engineer

Product manager                                          Production designer, theatre/television/film


For more information please speak to Ms Hayward, Lead Teacher on A Level Qualifications.

Purchasing manager                                     Product Designer

Graphic Designer                                           Architect

Footwear Designer                                       Costume Designer

Fashion Designer                                           Textile Designer