Key Stage 3

This Key Stage is delivered across three years and includes a variety of topics that allow students to develop computational thinking and practical skills.

Contact Time

All pupils will have two hours of Computing lessons each fortnight.

Units of Work Covered

Internet & WWW

Using the WWW safely

Internet communication & searching (Boolean)



Create Basic webpage (DW)

Create Website (DW) Own logo and Photos

Identify & solve errors in a website

Components & Networks

Types of Computer (Components)

Peripheral Devices (FDE)

Manipulating Files & Folder (GUI)

Functions of Hardware (CPU)

Operating Systems (Usability)

Networks /IP Address (use DTP)

Software & Systems    Lifecycle

Algorithms & Sequencing

Simple sequences Loops

Predicting outcomes of sequence

Loops & IF/Decision

Identify errors in sequences

Variables (IF/ Decision)

Logic Gates (Boolean)


Types of image & copyright

Create Images (Characters)

Digital Media (Sound/Image)

Compression Techniques


Simple formula & data types

Format a worksheet


Advanced Formulas/ Features

Filtering Data/ Validation

IF statements/ Validation

Exporting data


Intro to Visual Basic (Properties)

Command Buttons/Labels (formatting)

Text Boxes (variables)

Radio & Check Buttons

Message Boxes


Identify & Correcting code errors

Data Representation

What is it? History of computing

Codes-Morse &  Enigma

Counting Binary 5bit

Counting Binary 8bit

Converting  & Addition in Binary

Encryption (Cyphers)

Encryption (Spreadsheet)


Create & use a Database  - Import Data/Validation

Query & Report DPA

Create user documents (Mail Merge)


Photo Editing & Presentations

Audio Recording

Video Recording

Movie Creation