Physical activity plays an integral part of school life and personal development for many Arden students. The wide variety of clubs and activities support a progressive curriculum offer in Physical Education at Arden, allowing pupils to gain a passion for lifelong participation in exercise and sport as well as the important life skills that can be transferred beyond their Arden journey.  Whether a student's goal is elite performance, team spirit or just the enjoyment of participation, a wide range of opportunities provided at Arden ensures all our students can get involved, find their niche and fulfil their potential.

 Physical Education at Arden is based on a philosophy where all children are encouraged to ‘Embrace Challenge at Every Opportunity!’, where developing the pupils’ personal growth is just as important as developing their motor competence.  Here at Arden we welcome all pupils to attend co-curricular clubs to develop and improve their individual skills and enjoy the health and social benefits of physical activity. There are regular 'friendly fixtures' and coaching games against children from other schools. The successes at county, regional and national level have also been achieved by many individuals and teams and are a testament to the talent, dedication and devotion that many pupils put into their personal development.

 Another exciting feature in Physical Education at Arden has been the introduction of Sport Leaders and Ambassadors. These are usually older students who want to help run sports clubs, teams and primary school sport where they pass on their passion and experience to our younger pupils.  To support all pupils, the personal skills needed in order to be a successful sports leader and role model are honed and developed throughout their entire PE journey at Arden.  These students are seen as excellent role models and they enable many more clubs and teams to be run. They really are excellent ambassadors for Arden and demonstrate the fantastic PRIDE skills Arden students possess, giving generously of their time and expertise to help maintain an outstanding level of physical activity participation at Arden.

Details about the PE curriculum can be found on the links below and if you need any further information please contact Mr Masson, Head of PE.


PE fixtures

You can find all PE fixtures on the school calendar, click here to view the calendar.


Key Stage 3

The high quality PE curriculum offered at Arden enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activities, equipping them with skills to live a healthy life.

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Key Stage 4

ey Stage 4 Core PE – ‘Pupils in Year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to select a pathway of activities that they would like...

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At Arden, we use the OCR examination board for our GCSE PE course. The course is divided into four sections; two are examined externally and are each worth 30% of the final mark. 

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BTEC Sport

Pearson BTEC Award course is a vocational subject delivered within Key Stage 4 to both Year 10 and Year 11. It offers an engaging programme for students who are clear about the area of employment they wish to enter.

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Key Stage 5

A2 PE follows the OCR specification which examines pupils across 3 separate theory areas of the sporting landscape.  The exams are supported by an in depth analysis of a player performance for their coursework.  Pupils are also assessed in one practical performance in a sport which must be on the accredited list

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General PE Information

Information and policies relevant to participating in PE at Arden can be found within this section

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Health and Social Care

This course has been designed to provide education and training for Health and Social Care employees and students.

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Travel and Tourism

This is a two year course that is linked to the Travel and Tourism Industry. The course is taught through units of work which are internally linked and externally verified, one unit. The 'UK Travel and Tourism sector' is an examination which is worth 25% of the overall grade.

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