This close and forward looking Department consists of 15 specialists who teach most of the maths in the school in a suite of twelve classrooms that are all equipped with interactive whiteboards. The Department regularly shares good practice and works together to find new and innovative approaches in the teaching of maths, including developing our skills with ICT. We use a variety of software on both iPads and personal computers to assist students in learning and practicing their maths skills.

The Department offers many opportunities for students to extend their maths skills beyond the normal mathematical curriculum. These include entering approximately 300 students for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Challenges and entering students for the Mathematics Team Challenge. 

The members of the Department form a strong team who are very supportive of each other. We have high expectations of our students, who in the main are highly motivated and able, and who strive to produce an excellent standard of work.

Students are split into half year blocks with five or six sets on each side where students are placed according to ability and progress and moved as necessary, usually following key assessment and exams.

Results for 2019 are detailed below:


A Level

A Level Further Maths

20% Grade 8+

37% Grade 7+

74% Grade 5+

92% Grade 4+

30% A*/A

66% A*-C grade

43%  A*/A

79% A*-C

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we have introduced a new scheme of work following the new national curriculum.

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Key Stage 4

The Mathematics Department is highly supportive of all our students, as such we currently offer several GCSE course options throughout Key Stage 4, in order...

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Key Stage 5

We follow the AQA courses for A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Core Mathematics.

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Mathematical Challenges

Here are some problems and puzzles for pupils (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9) to provide you with a mathematical challenge:

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