Assessment Procedures

Key Stage 3

Teachers assess the pupils during each activity block. The pupils are informed of the level criteria used to assess them and are made aware of their individual level - this will be recorded in their planner. Pupils can use the displayed levels criteria to determine areas of improvement allowing them to progress through the levels in a particular activity. Levels start from 3 and finish at 8 with each level having sub-levels. For example; 3.9 is the top of level 3, 3.5 is in the middle with 3.1 being the lowest level 3 score. It is hoped that each pupil should make about 0.7 level of progress during each academic year. This assessment procedure is currently under review and may be subject to change.

Examination subjects

GCSE - assessment of examination subjects differs slightly in that 9-1 grades will be given for overall performance.  Pupils are assessed in three practical activities (30%).  There will also be a coursework component (10%) and an examination (60%).

A2 Level - students will take an examination (70%), undertake one oral piece of analytical coursework (15%) and assessment in one practical activity - could be coaching (30%).