September 2020 – Guidance re Pupils Returning to Arden

Dear Parents/Guardians of Years 7-10 & 12

You will no doubt have seen the guidance and media coverage identifying the return of all students to schools in September 2020. 

Whilst we are delighted to hear that we will be able to welcome our students back into school, the guidance does give a variety of parameters that we are to work within and directs schools to make judgements about how to balance and minimise the ongoing risks of COVID-19 with providing a full educational experience for all children. The guidance also identifies the necessity to plan for continued remote learning in the event of localised outbreaks so that we can maintain education provision. 

I am sure that you will appreciate the fact that, having received this guidance this morning, we now need to spend some time considering this and planning for its safe implementation. We will be working on this as a priority and will communicate with you in due course, once our own plans are in place to support our students coming back into school. 

I am sure that many of you have lots of questions around this. In many cases at the moment they are the same questions that we are asking ourselves. Please may we ask for you to hold these questions for now until we produce our own response to this guidance; this will give you all the detail that you need about your child’s safe return to school in September.

Many thanks for your understanding and consideration in this, we look forward to updating you in the near future.


Mr Warwood

Associate Headteacher

2nd July 2020