Cash Draw

What is the Arden PTFA Big Cash Draw?

The PTFA Big Cash Draw - sometimes referred to as Sub Club - is a fun and easy way to contribute to the PTFA's fundraising for the school - with the chance each month of winning a cash prize yourself. If you join you will be allocated a unique number which will then be entered into each monthly draw.


We have decided to make the draw even more appealing by giving one prize per month of £50.00 for eight months and a prize of £200.00 payable at the end of each term. (There is no draw in August), totalling £1000.00. Any remaining contributions go into the PTA fund to purchase valuable equipment for the benefit of the school and our children.

How can I join?

All we ask of you is to make one annual payment of £12.00 to be entered into the draw. This is open to all members of the family. Just complete a standing order for each member giving contact details.  To enter the draw please complete the attached standing order. If you prefer not to give us your bank details, we are happy to accept a cheque along with the standing order form giving your contact details so that we are able to contact you in the event of your number being drawn.  Parents can also pay to enter the draw using ParentPay.

To enter please download the attached application form and drop it in to the PTFA Secure Post Box in school reception complete with payment.

PTFA Subclub application form 2013

Any questions please contact the Arden PTA Cash Draw Administrator Heidi Strong via [email protected]





2015 - September £50.00           Kate Morris
2015 - October £50.00 Annette Sorge            
2015 - November £50.00 Susan Ria
2015 - December           £200.00 Claire Mitchell
2016 - January £50.00 Jamie Hyde
2016 - February £50.00 Isobelle Hinds
2016 - March £200.00 Emma Cucchiara
2016 - April £50.00 S Lopes
2016 - May £50.00 Mr & Mrs Craven
2016 - June £50.00 David Hardisty
2016 - July £200.00 Debbie Cox
2017 - February £50 Michele Bull
2017 - March £200 Michelle Cluley
2017 - June £50 MJG Flooring
2017 - July £200 Mrs Sihota
2017 - Sept £50 D Routledge
2017 - Oct £50 Theresa Dacombe
2017 - Dec £200 B O'Hare
2018 - Jan £50 Bruce Fletcher


Cash draw winner Medium

Congratulations to Mr Bruce Fletcher on winning the end of winter term big cash draw (£50).


Congratulations to Mrs Sihota on winning the end of summer term big cash draw (£200) on the  Big Cash PTFA Draw.   We really appreciate her support for the PTFA.

If anyone would like to enter the draw please download the application form (above) and drop it in to the PTFA Secure Post Box in school reception complete with payment.