Dress Code

All students are expected to be in business dress. We strongly believe that a smart appearance creates the best atmosphere for learning and as a result achievement reaches its full potential.

The expectations are:

Male Students

  • A smart dark coloured suit
  • A formal shirt
  • Arden Sixth Form tie (available at Early Years or Palmers)
  • Smart shoes

Female Students

  • A smart dark coloured suit
  • A formal shirt or blouse
  • Smart shoes


In the cold weather students may wear a plain dark cardigan or V-neck jumper under their jacket. A jumper is not a replacement for a jacket.

Skirts, dresses or trousers that are judged too short or tight are not permitted.

No denim, lycra or stretch material is permitted.

A shirt or blouse that is judged as low cut, cropped, transparent or revealing is not permitted

Students should adhere to this dress code to avoid unnecessary conversations about their appearance so that a focus can remain on their learning.

If you require any more details at this stage, please get in contact with either Mrs Barratt or Mrs Hodgkinson.