Ski success

Congratulations to the students representing Arden at the Midland Ski Club Annual  race which took place at Ackers on Sunday 28 February 2016.

  • Clara Stride
  • Emily Annandale
  • Byron Carthey
  • Bea Hughes
  • Lisa Hobbs
  • Martin Aamodt-Leeper
  • Erin Winslow
  • Stanley Amphlett
  • William Annandale
  • Joe Munns
  • Rebecca Tinley
  • Owen Johns
  • Lucy Connors
  • Scott Johns

Special mention to the following on their placements:

L-R: Rebecca Tinley, Lucy Connors, Scott Johns and Owen Johns

Dual Slalom – Rebecca Tinley (4th), Scott Johns (2nd)

U14 Individual time – Boys - Scott Johns (2nd)

U16 Individual time – Girls - Rebecca Tinley (2nd) Boys - Owen Johns (2nd)

U14 Team – William Annandale, Joe Munns and Stanley Amphlett (3rd)

U16 Team – Lucy Connors, Rebecca Tinley, Scott Johns and Owen Johns (WINNERS)