What is SMSC

How do we study SMSC in Science:

The Science curriculum at Arden is packed naturally with SMSC strands which allow us to teach it within the specifications we deliver. However, as we believe in its value not just on an exam side of education but in a developmental way we will also promote it exclusively at times during a student's time with us.

Spiritual Development:

Sometimes science and spiritual ideas do cause conflict but in a modern society it is important to understand why these conflicts arise so we can respect the views of others and move forward. It is also seen more often that science is able to stand alongside the spiritual beliefs of many. This is looked at often from a neutral stand point within science lessons.

Moral Development:

Our understanding of Science has allowed us to develop technology we couldn't have imagined 50 years ago. Now however, we must start deciding if we should we do all the scientific activities we are able to or morally should we decide not to. This can be as simple as should we test medicines for humans that could save lives on animals causing them cruelty? It could be as complex as should we allow somatic or germ line cell therapy. Moral development is a vital part of any scientist's development. Students will need to develop a good understanding of it to firstly pass exams which always comprise of ethical questions but more importantly to become a good rounded scientist.

Social Development:

Science is changing our society. The life expectancy is getting larger, people are driving more efficient cars, more and more people are putting solar panels on their rooftops. Our society has become dependent on scientific developments which we could not have foreseen 50 years ago but also our lives are likely to change significantly in the future because of our reckless damaging activities to the environment as a human society. Students must consider their impact on the world around them and start to look at what we can do to help the next generation have a habitable planet.

Cultural Development:

Scientific development comes from all across the world, from people of all backgrounds and cultures. Some of science's most important discoveries have come from other parts of the world and it's important for students to understand this as many believe that progress comes largely from the UK or America. It is also important to understand how the different cultures around the world can have different impacts on the planet and what impact more economically developed countries have on poorer areas. This will also be vital into the future as we need to monitor the impact of quickly developing cultures around the world on our environment.

For a detailed breakdown on how we try to include SMSC in science lessons please click on the Science SMSC PDF and read our SMSC document identifying our areas of SMSC delivery.

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