Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4, pupils use the knowledge, skills and understanding that they have gained in earlier Key stages, and their own experience, to take new and more adult roles in the school and the wider community. They are helped to develop the self-awareness and confidence needed for adult life, further learning and work. They have opportunities to show they can take responsibility for their own learning and career choices by setting personal targets and planning to meet them. They develop their ability to weigh up alternative courses of action for health and well-being. They gain greater knowledge and understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues through increased moral reasoning, clarifying their opinions and attitudes in discussions with their peers and informed adults and considering the consequences of their decisions. They learn to understand and value relationships with a wide range of people and gain the knowledge and skills to seek advice about these and other personal issues. They learn to respect the views, needs and rights of people of all ages.

Modes of delivery

In Years 10 and 11, PSHE is delivered via timetabled lessons.  Students have one lesson per fortnight in Year 10 and two per fortnight in Year 11.

Year 10 PSHE

Unit 1: Promoting Emotional Well-being- In this module students understand how to promote positive mental health and well-being

Unit 2: Gang Violence- In this module students explore the consequences of joint enterprise and knife crime

Unit 3: Finance- In this module students explore the value of money and gain an understanding of debt

Unit 4: Relationships and sex education: In this module students focus on key areas such as consent, Values, Grooming, Gender and Sexual Identity, Issues and consequences surrounding Teenage pregnancy, Healthy Relationships

Unit 5: Work experience- In this module students explore the world of work in preparation for their work experience placements

Unit 6: Gambling- In this module students explore the consequences of gambling

Year 11 PSHE

Unit 1: Study skills- In this module students

Unit 2: Knife-free- In this module students understand the potential consequences of carrying a knife

Unit 3: Drugs Education- In this module pupils cover issues relating to different types of drugs, the consequences of drug use and the law.

Unit 4: Careers- - In this unit pupils explore future careers with a focus on skills, qualities and qualifications needed as well as life after secondary school

Unit 5: Relationships and sex education- In this module students focus on key areas such as consent, Sexting, Pornography, Child Sexual Exploitation, Contraception and STI’s