AS Physical Education contains four main elements:

  • Socio-Cultural Studies
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Acquiring Movement Skills
  • Acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills

Socio-cultural studies, anatomy and physiology and acquiring movement skills make up 30 marks each of the 90 mark exam paper, taken at the end of the year. This exam paper contributes 60% of the overall mark.

Acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills is split into two sections (a) two practical activities (b) an internally assessed and externally moderated talk on a chosen sport. This element contributes 40% of your overall mark.

The content from each of the exam elements of the course are:

Socio-Cultural Studies:

  • physical Activity
  • sport and culture
  • contemporary sporting issues

Anatomy and Physiology:

  • the skeletal and muscular systems
  • motion and movement
  • the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Acquiring Movement:

  • classification of motor skills and abilities
  • the development of motor skills
  • information processing
  • motor control of skills in physical activity
  • learning skills in physical activity