Gifted and Talented Dance

Creating and composing

  • Responding imaginatively to a range of starting points and concepts when creating movement and demonstrating artistry
  • Experimenting freely and confidently with movement and making considered decisions about the selection of material to incorporate into their finished work
  • Using space and relationships meaningfully to express the intention of their dance idea.
  • Applying the skills of choreography inventively to manipulate movement material, develop movement quality and structure a final piece

Appreciating by

  • Observing and applying critical thinking to their own dance work and that of others and using analytical judgments to shape and develop their own work
  • Making links between the choreographer intentions, the compositional structures and the performance qualities displayed by the dancers

Performing by

  • Controlling and co-coordinating the body when executing movement whilst successfully combining timing, action, spatial and dynamic content
  • Expressing the meaning of the choreography and the stylistic features of the dance genre through the physicality of their performances.
  • Responding to the music with sensitivity and rhythmic awareness.

Gifted and talented dancers at Arden school currently take part in the Move I.T. program. Over the past three years 90 pupils from years 9-12 have explored the use of technological tools such as film and animation to provide an external stimulus for creating movement and choreography. They have worked with film makers to understand how to use the technology to its full extent. They are competent at using specialist equipment in many different ways to create dance for film. A recent project challenged them to use environments around the school to film their pieces, this allowed them to be creative in both their choreography and the filming.

In addition to this they worked with professional companies such as Ace Dance and Music, Richard Alston and Mobius to explore new dance styles and techniques.

Pupils who have been assessed as being Gifted or Talented in Dance are mentored and encouraged to do the following;

  • Join local and national youth companies. We have had success in pupils auditioning for Solihull Youth Dance, Elmhurst and Royal Ballet to name a few.
  • Choreograph for school productions, dance clubs at Arden, house music competitions and local primary school productions
  • Join the Dance Leaders clubs. Pupils in Year 9 and 10 are offered the opportunity to achieve level 1 Dance Leaders course. On this course they develop vital skills to lead effectively, skills which can be transferred to many other situations. This is a challenging course run as an extracurricular club.
  • Learn new styles of dance. Those pupils who wish to perform as a career must be versatile performers and have skills in a number of styles. Pupils are aware of where they can go to learn new skills and the benefits of doing this.