At Arden students are given opportunities to:

  • develop the physical, technical and expressive skills necessary for effective performance in different dance styles
  • understand how to apply and adapt a wide range of skills and techniques in order to achieve high quality performances through which artistic/choreographic intentions are communicated
  • develop the ability to perform with rhythmic timing, phrasing and musicality appropriate to the style and intention of the performance.

Dance is a subject that continues to grow at Arden school and is now offered at both GCSE and A-level standard. Within the PE curriculum, Dance is a popular activity offering the pupils the following benefits

Artistic and Aesthetic understanding

  • Understanding of a core artistic discipline; access to a unique means of translating ideas, expressing meaning and communicating with others
  • Kinesthetic, physical, spatial and visual awareness
  • Integrating the process of performing, choreographing, observing and appreciation
  • Making informed and critical judgments
  • Developing creative thought and action

Health and well being

  • Co-ordination, control, posture, strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility
  • Physical confidence and enjoyment in moving
  • Developing a responsible attitude to health and well-being
  • Making connection between feelings, values and ideas


  • Learning through spatial, kinesthetic, visual and verbal modes
  • Enhanced memory through physical patterning and repetition
  • Observation, analysis and developing strategies to improve performance
  • Exploring and experimenting
  • Attention, focus and bringing whole self to the moment
  • Enjoyment, motivation, inspiration, aspiration and achievement

Life and employability

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Communication and negotiation skills, experience in giving and taking feedback
  • Skills in working with other and building consensus to achieve goals
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Flexibility and experience of working in different ways
  • Ability to respond creatively to challenges; to generate innovative ideas.

All pupils in Year 7 will have at least one six week block on dance; dependent on their strengths and weaknesses some may have two. In Year 8 and 9 those pupils who are following the creative pathway will develop skills in dance in two activity blocks over the year.

Students in Key Stage 4 can opt to take dance as a GCSE course. This course has proved to be very popular and the numbers wanting to take it continues to grow. Students can also opt to take Dance as an opportunity block in PE and also complete the Level 1 Dance Leaders award.

Gifted and Talented Dance

Pupils with talent in dance will show evidence of particular ability in one or more of the following areas;


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Key Stage 4

At Arden we follow the AQA GCSE Dance course which is split into four areas.

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Key Stage 5

In Arden Sixth Form, the AQA AS and A2 specification is followed, providing candidates with the opportunity to acquire experience of performance and choreography.

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