Year 9 German Exchange

In January 2014 eleven Year 9 students went to Germany for the exchange between the Albert Einstein School and Arden. Flying from Birmingham airport we arrived on Saturday evening to find our German families waving banners at our arrival. We left our friends and stayed our first night in a German house. On Sunday we spent the day with our families: some toured Frankfurt, some went mini golfing.

On Monday morning we experienced 2 German lessons, before being introduced to the school by Headmistress Frau Horn. We then walked to the town hall to meet the Mayoress of Schwalbach. We asked her questions (in German) about the links between Schwalbach and Solihull and about the activities for young people in Frankfurt. For some the school day finished at 1:30pm, so some students had the rest of the day to spend time with their exchange partners. However, other English students went with their partners to their PE lesson for 2 hours.

On Tuesday we travelled into Frankfurt on the train and went up the Commerzbank, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Germany. It had 53 floors and there was an amazing view from the very top. Afterwards we had free time to go shopping and exploring Frankfurt.

We were lucky enough to go Schloss Freundenberg on Wednesday, which is a sense museum. We experienced a sound room, which was filled with musical instruments, the ice room, which had a temperature of -22â—¦C and had various ice sculptures and activities. There was the blind bar in a pitch-black room, where you were served drinks and food in the dark. Also, we went on a walk through the forest bare foot (which made our feet extremely cold!).

On Thursday we travelled to Mainz on a double decker train to visit the Gutenberg Printing Museum. We had a tour (in English) around the museum during which we learnt about Gutenberg's history and saw 5 original Gutenberg bibles. Afterwards, we went to the printing studio, where we made our own prints which were sent back to England. Then we had free time to go shopping around Mainz.

Friday was our last full day in Germany and we spent it at school with our exchange partners. Everybody at the Albert Einstein School was really friendly and we didn't feel too foreign because no one had to wear uniform anyway. In the evening we went bowling with both German and English people, which was really fun and a nice way to spend the evening.

The final day was Saturday and we got to spend it with our exchange families before arriving at the airport to fly home. We waved our goodbyes and then travelled back to England. Then, it would only be 5 months until we would see our Exchange Students again, when they will visit us here in England!

Written by Holly Koumides and Anna Jonker

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Year 9 German Exchange