Year 7 visit to France - 2013

At the end of June, the three dual linguists from Year 12 (Maddie Parkin, Hannah Robbins, Sian Fedeski) had the opportunity to go to Pas-De-Calais in the North of France to act as helpers on the Year 7 French trip.

Despite a 6:30 set off on the Monday morning, we were into the swing of things from day one, spending the afternoon aiding the Year 7 pupils in a town trail of Boulogne. In the evening, we were put through our paces playing basketball!

The next few days saw a trip to the ancient tunnels under the town of Arras used in World War I; a very touching visit to the nearby Canadian war cemetery; a tour of a lovely chocolate factory and a morning in the beautiful seaside town of Le Touquet.

For us, the goats' cheese farm was a great opportunity to listen to a guide speaking in French and pet lots of animals; and the market mission was a chance for the Year 7s to practise their French in ordering products for their own lunch!

For us, however, the major boost was having three animateurs on the trip with us: native speakers only a few years older than us who were there to energise and entertain the Year 7s. For us, it was less about the sports they set up and more about the chance to speak natural French in a friendly environment, something that really can't be replicated in England.

We hope that the Year 7s came back having had as much fun as we did, and would like to say thank you firstly to the teachers for giving us this opportunity and secondly to the Year 7s for only keeping us up until 3am one night!

Hannah, Sian and Maddie - Year 12 dual linguists