Study visit to Italy - Easter 2013

Day 1

We got to Arden at about 4am Sunday morning! Everyone was excited about the days ahead of us in lovely Venice. We were all very tired but managed to stay awake all the way to Manchester airport. After a good few hours checking in, we were finally on the plane ready to take off for our adventure. After a two hour flight, we got on a coach to our hotel. This took about 45 minutes and everyone was either resting or taking photographs of the amazing landscape surrounding us.

When we got to our accommodation, we were told our rooms and got unpacked and refreshed after a long journey. Because of the hour time difference between England and Italy and because of the clocks going forward one hour, nobody knew what time it was! After about five minutes of arguing, we finally got it sorted and everything was settled. The teachers then decided to take us on a walk to the beaches and a town nearby. The beach was really lovely and it was nice and sunny. The town was good and there were lots of small shops selling food and little gifts. We all bought Italian ice cream which tasted amazing and we wandered up and down the streets. While buying our ice creams, some of us accidently spoke Spanish or French instead of Italian which made the shop owners laugh at our idiocy. We then went back to the hotel and had some tea before being told what we had planned for the next day. We then went to our rooms and got ready for sleep to claim us. Overall, the journey was exciting, tiring and everyone was in awe of the start to our stay in Venice.

Day 2

We woke up at 6 30am and got ready for the long day ahead of us. Everyone looked better after a good night's sleep. Today we were escaping to the beautiful city of Verona. After breakfast, we got on the coach for a two hour journey. Nobody knew what to expect but was as beautiful as everyone said it would be. We had a tour guide who told us about the town's history and we were taken up in the coach to a hill which had amazing views of the city. We did a walking tour which took us to see 'Juliet's Balcony' and the Coliseum.

Day 3

We got the coach up to the Venice ferry port. We didn't have long to wait as we already had our tickets. When we got there, we were too early to go into the church so we had an hour free time. People with roses came up to us and tried to give them to us but we were told NOT to take them as you have to pay for them afterwards. When free time was over, we waited in a line outside the church and we then had to put our bags in a basket which a lot of people weren't pleased about.

After being in the church basilica, we had some more free time before going to the art museum. After that museum, we went straight to another one which was about the Bridge of Sighs. We went through the prisons and then saw drawings that prisoners had carved into the wall. We had more free time and then went round Venice and bought souvenirs such as masks, hoodies etc. We kept walking around and we found this amazing hot chocolate, ice cream place. I think everyone got something from there! As we were leaving, Venice started to flood, we ran back to the ferry and returned to the hotel.

Day 4

On the last day, we went to Gardaland - a massive theme park. It was amazing! It was raining on our way there so we all thought it would be a really bad day but when we got there, after three hours in the coach, it was worth it because it was so sunny. We split into groups depending on who would go on the rides. I went on the 'Blue Tornado' with my friends and it was like being on a 'Top Gun' supersonic jet. We stayed at Gardaland until 5 00pm so didn't get back to the hotel until 8 00pm but it was worth it! The hotel provided us with pizza, chips and tiramisu on our return which was really good.

Day 5

This wasn't really much of a day as we were travelling home. At the airport, my bag broke and I had to get it wrapped in bright pink cling film. There was a delay but the flight was fine and we all landed safely. When we got back to school, everyone went home having really enjoyed a fantastic trip. If there is another one next year .. GO!

Article by Elizabeth McLurgh and Lucy Slaney